Startup and Commissioning

At Bluewater Energy Solutions, we understand that every organization’s Startup and Commissioning requirements are unique. We also understand that many companies face the challenge of determining the best ways to take advantage of the vast array of Startup and Commissioning possibilities available in today’s marketplace.

To enable Bluewater to identify and address your team’s unique Startup and Commissioning challenges and opportunities, Bluewater has developed a set of customizable startup administrative solutions designed to provide you with a program specifically tailored to meet your needs, maximize the return on your project investment, and exceed your expectations.

These solutions include:

  • A customized Project Execution Manual detailing the role of each team member and a matrix of responsibility in order for precise execution.
  • System scoping and scheduling in order for a smooth system turnover from construction to the startup and commissioning team.
  • System Turnover Packages to support an orderly and sequenced construction completion, and provide comprehensive commissioning documentation for final project completion.
  • Equipment and system Commissioning and Operating Procedures that provide a consistent structure to the startup engineers and technicians to follow; ensuring safety and quality during this critical project phase.
  • Placement of a professional and experienced team to support the specific equipment being installed at each site, and the necessary structure to integrate our team with our customer’s organization.
  • Performance testing, operator training, switchyard calibration and testing and contract management are all capabilities of Bluewater.

We have developed tailored strategic solutions to consolidate startup and commissioning spending, and aligning human resource strategies to meet your project goals. That makes us accountable to clients just like you.



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